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Benefits of Trees in an Urban Environment

Try to imagine the city or any city without trees. Trees offer so much more than their beauty alone. They offer social, environmental, and economic benefits for many years.

Social benefits

While trees are visually stunning, people spending time in close proximity feel a calming relaxing effect. The tranquility we feel reduces stress, rejuvenates energy, and can also help us to recover from illness or injury. Parks and greenspaces have been known so lower crime rates in the neighborhood.

Communal benefits

By choosing the right tree and maintaining it regularly, trees on public and private property can provide benefits to the community. They provide privacy and can help improve the view. Trees help reduce glare, noise, and can even enhance a building's architecture. Trees encourage wildlife such as birds and squirrels adding to the wellbeing of the neighborhood.

Environmental benefits

Trees can alter the environment drastically, by regulating the climate in the neighborhood. A mature shade tree cleans the air, absorbs storm water runoff, and attracts wildlife. Trees help cool the environment in the summer, and act as a windbreak in the winter. The leaves act as a dampener for the wind as well as slow down and provide protection from the rainfall. Leaves act as a filter absorbing dust and carbon dioxide. They release oxygen into the air. Trees also smell good.

Economic benefits

The economic benefits of trees are both direct and indirect. Property values of landscaped homes are 5 to 25 percent higher than those of non landscaped homes. Trees are valued based on the species, size, condition, and location of the trees included in the landscape. Trees provide a lot of shade which lower cooling costs for homes in the summer. During the winter trees act like a windbreak and can help to reduce heating costs.

An arborist can help you determine the value of your trees. They can help assess risk, health, and even provide documentation for insurance claims in the event of loss.

Maximizing the benefits of trees

Trees provide numerous benefits but in order to maximize a tree's benefits routine maintenance is required. Though these benefits begin the moment the tree is planted, They are minimal compared to the benefits of a mature tree. The costs associated with removing a large tree and planting a young tree can outweigh the costs of regular tree maintenance practices such as tree inspection, pruning, and mulching.

Happy growing everyone!

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