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Evergreen Health

ergreens such as Spruce, pine and cedars Are a great way to add year round color to your landscape. This newsletter will provide you with some basic information to help you keep them lush, vibrant and green.

While it's always a good idea to have your trees checked by a professional arborist there there are some important facts that would be good for you to know about evergreen health. They should only be fertilized once in the spring as soon as the snow melts and then left for the rest of the year. Fertilizing late in the season could cause excess late summer growth. As a result the tree will not properly harden off for the winter, and will become susceptible to winter kill. Fertilization can help restore a deep green vibrant color, less seed production, and better year round growth. Shaping and trimming should be done in the spring and early summer so the tree has a chance to recover before the fall so it can properly prepare for the winter also.

Spruce trees that become sick can be difficult to diagnose and there are numerous pests, fungal infections, and environmental issues associated with spruce tree health. If you suspect something is wrong with your spruce tree it is far better to consult an arborist before trying to remedy the problem on your own. For example if a spruce tree has a fungal infection and you treat the tree with a pesticide you can actually cause greater stress to the tree.

Cedar trees are often planted beside houses and fences because they need shelter from the cold winter winds. Wrapping cedars is not generally necessary. If you are worried about cedar branches that may sustain damage or be broken from ice, heavy snow or strong winds, winter protection can be considered. Wrapping the plant tightly is not recommended as it may dry the tree out and not allow any air to circulate. You could install 3 bamboo stakes around the tree and wrap burlap loosely around the stakes for protection. Watering the cedars well until the ground is frozen is recommended as this will allow roots to take up moisture to get them through the winter.

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