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Hedge Rejuvenation

Do your hedges have dead spots? Did you know shearing your hedge year after year can cause fungal infections, mildew, and other unsightly issues? Many hedges in Alberta can be cut to the ground as a fresh way to regrow a healthy vibrant hedge.

Cotoneaster hedge with brown spots like in the images above is an indication of “fire blight”, which is very common in Alberta. To prevent this from happening, I recommend having your hedge cut to the ground every 6 to 7 years.

What Is The Goal?

After years without pruning, shrubs can begin to look misshapen or crowded, and have lots of older, unproductive wood. At this point, thinning just won’t do the job; it calls for more extreme measures.

By cutting a shrub to the ground, you “reset the clock”, leaving you with a smaller, younger plant that flowers more and is much healthier. Hedge rejuvenation can revitalize your hedge in as little as one year, by cutting your hedge to the ground in the spring it will already start looking good by the end of the summer.

Happy Growing Everyone!

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