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Lilac Pruning

A lot of people ask me when is the best time to prune their Lilac tree. The best answer is right after flowering. Most of the time it depends on the specific variety, but mid to late June is the average time of year. The reason behind this logic is simple, this will ensure even more flowering for the next year. Now having said that, there is no guarantee for abundant flowering every year. The process is often dependent on ideal environmental conditions before flowering.

Pruning Lilac Bushes To Be Compact Can Be A Delicate Process

If your lilacs are overgrown and out of control they can be quite finicky to get them to a more manageable shape. It is possible to cut a lilac bush completely to the ground and they will grow back right from the root system however this will shock them. As a result, they may not flower for up to 10 years!

Why Do My Lilac Trees Look So Terrible?

If your Lilac bushes are tall and skinny and lacking in flowers, there is a way of slowly bringing them down over time in a yearly pruning cycle. It all depends on how patient you are.

If you want your Lilacs to look like the image above, contact us to make an appointment, today!

Happy Growing Everyone!

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