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Some of the most common tree diseases in Alberta are:

  • Black Knot Fungus - Large knots of black knots that encircle branches. Common among Maydays or Chokecherrys. Can be treated by pruning off infected branches.

  • Dutch elm disease - Spread by elm bark beetles. Infected elms should avoid being pruned between April and September. Alberta is considered Dutch elm disease-free, but our preventative measures from pruning these trees during the 6-month time frame is recommended. 

  • Fire blight - A bacterial disease that browns and kills leaves, flowers and branches. Affects the rose family of trees and shrubs, including crab apple, pear, mountain ash, cotoneaster, raspberry, flowering almond, and saskatoon. This can be treated by pruning diseased branches of the tree. 

  • Juniper hawthorn rust - A fungal disease that affects junipers, cedars, and apple trees. The gel-like rust galls should be pruned out to control the disease.

If you think your tree may be affected, we can come out and do a consultation.

For more information about common tree diseases or concerns you have about yours, contact us.

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